Friends: The best in this world Kazi Yaminur Rashid Turjo


To me I always see the friends in a different way than others. If you ask me, I would say there are 4 types of Friends:
a) True Friends b) Good Friends
c) Just Friends     d) Friends with Benefits
True Friends are like the Pet Dogs. The more you push them far, the more they will run closer to you again. They are the friends whom you need in your most crucial times, whenever you are upset, whenever you want to share some ideas, your problems, your crisis etc. At the same time they are the best partners of your any celebrations, hangouts and good times.
Good Friends are most likely the Green Tea. It has no harm but no tastes as well. You know that they will never hurt you nor make you looser, that's why you carry them lifelong with you. When you are free you hangover with them, enjoy with them but not in every day.
Just Friends are like the Ubers now days. You will find them here and there. When you are in a mood to hangout, but you found that none of your True Friends and Good Friends are available, then these Just Friends are the most suitable and prompt companion of yours. They have no interest on your happiness/ sadness, they are just in their own world and every of them are busy to prove themselves that he/she's the Best in this world.
Friends with Benefits sounds negative, but I would say they more likely 24/7 Hours Service Center against Financial Benefits. Because some time you saw that you are in some situation but none of your 3 (three) above friends available with you, that time this Beneficiary Friends are even better. Because some wise man said before "Something is better than nothing".
So if you ask me which type of friends I like most?
Ans: All of them, depending on the situation.
Oho apart from above friends we have some more other categories of Friends in our daily life as follows:
There are also some Institutional Friends:
a) School Friends b) College Friends
c) University Friends d) Corporate/ Business Friends
There are also some VirtualSocial Friends:
a) Facebook Friends b) Instagram Friends
c) Snap Chat Friends  d) LinkedIn Friends
There are also some Live Social Friends:
a) Neighbor Friend b) Kitty Friend
c) Jogging Friend d) Gym Friend         e) Drinking Friend f) Clubbing Friends

(Mr. Turjo is CEO, MAX Group, Industrial Division. Mirror.me@gmail.com)