Suranjit now against frauds by secretaries

By bdnews24.com

Senior Awami League leader Suranjit Sengupta has demanded measures from the 'highest quarters' against frauds by secretaries.
"A secretary, who has committed a fraud, is travelling to the US with the prime minister. We do not expect this," he told a seminar on Tuesday.
The member of the Awami League's Advisors' Council said that the issue of fraud needs to be tackled seriously.
"The prime minister is working day and night, taking the county forward. And you secretaries will have fun - that cannot happen. This should be dealt with firmly," he said.
The government has revoked the freedom-fighter certificate of Health Secretary M Niaz Uddin Miah after he was found have obtained it by 'illegal' means to extend his service tenure.
Miah is now in the US as a part of the prime minister's entourage. She is in New York to attend the UN General Assembly.
"Independence and the Liberation War is the pride of the nation. These bureaucrats have become secretaries by cheating with the Liberation War," said the ruling party leader.
Demanding action against these 'fraudulent' officials, Suranjit said: "Poor people commit fraud for money. But, bureaucrats, who hold high state positions, commit fraud over the Liberation War, independence! This should be taken seriously, legal procedures against them from the higher quarters needs to be taken."