The issue is racial hatred and Myanmar election has no relevance to Rohingya crisis


FOLLOWING new election in Myanmar the UK government has called upon the country's leadership to address the security, safety and dignified return of the Rohingya refugees - over 1 million now in refugee camps in Bangladesh across the border.
The UK Minister for South Asia and the Common Wealth Affairs has issued the call as Myanmar is heading to form a new government after the election held on November 8.  Aung San Suu Kyi led National League for Democracy (NDL) and military led Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) are sharing power and they will form the new government again. But the international community apprehends that the new election will not lead to any improvement of human rights, revival of democracy and restoration of peace.    
It is sad that Myanmar election has left the Rohingya Muslims disenfranchised. Several other ethnic groups were also excluded from their right to vote.  The UK minister has said his government is tirelessly working to ensure accountability and justice for the Rohingyas who were killed in their homes, their villages destroyed, women raped and children burned. It also wants implementation of the recommendations of the UN Rakhine Advisory Commission including recognising the Rohingyas as citizens of Myanmar, now stripped off their nationality, and allows them freedom of movement, access to their property and essential services, like health, education for children and jobs.
Space is not a problem for Rohigyas to go back. Myanmar is a resourceful country. It is the hatred that are being inhuman in imposing on Bangladesh the burden of such a huge number of their people. They are a social and political problem for us. Their lives are also miserable and social fabric is breaking down. Myanmar has set a terrible example of violation of human rights and international law by throwing their own people out across the border.
Such cruel dictators like the one in Myanmar with vast military power are proved as threats to international peace. Myanmar must be contained to abide by international law and take back the refugees. The world must view Myanmar as a threat to peace. Mere appeal or friendly counsel will not work.
Sitting duck attitude of Bangladesh Government will take us nowhere.