Arson attacks on buses need judicious investigation


The incident of setting fire to 11 buses on Thursday in different parts of the capital within a span of a few hours is a matter of serious concern. Such incidents are a threat to public safety. How did the miscreants dare to commit such a heinous act?
After 2015, the country had been free of such violent incidents. During the BNP movement after 2014 elections, there had been incidents of buses being set on fire, resulting in loss of lives and injuries to many others. Though the issues were highlighted at that time, the actual miscreants were never identified.
We are deeply concerned on Thursday's arson incidents and apprehend the possibility of a resurgence of unwarranted violence against civilians in the name of politics. We are also thankful that no casualty was reported this time.
The ruling Awami League issued statements that the BNP-Jamaat activists had committed the crimes. On the contrary, BNP claimed that the ruling party men carried out these attacks to disrupt their political programmes. We firmly believe that such a blame game, without solid evidence, is unwarranted.
At the same time, all political parties should also take pledge not to use criminal groups for vested political gains. Politics that aim for the welfare of the people should be free of crime and violence. The proper implementation of the law must be given utmost importance, regardless of political affiliations.  
If the political party in power uses criminals in their own interests, the other parties will do the same when they are in power. Numerous such examples exist around us.
According to news report on Sunday, over a dozen of cases have been filed in the last couple of days with seven police stations after 11 buses were torched and several crude bombs exploded in the city. Nearly 500 people have been made accused in those cases.   
Meanwhile, the law enforcers arrested 21 leaders of BNP and its affiliated organisations for their alleged involvement in torching the buses. The court has also given permission for them to be taken on remand and interrogated.
It is of utmost importance that a judicious, thorough and impartial investigation is conducted so that the real culprits can be identified and brought to book. Politically motivated investigations will not provide a constructive solution.