Nobody is ready to listen to experts for improving city`s traffic system


CITY traffic system is in total disarray said a report in a national daily mainly blaming indiscipline parking and haphazard pedestrians' road crossing as well as poor signalling system. It is causing gridlock in city streets at major intersections trailing long queue behind. The report based on findings of 'Accident Research Institute' (ARI) of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) particularly suggested mechanical parking which may enhance road capacity at least three times than multi-storied parking to partially to mitigate the problem. But the way the city traffic is languishing from metro rail construction leaves such alternative approach to be ineffective, although it is not clear whether it will work at all.  
Inoperable traffic signals at major road inter-sections also have been rightly blamed for congestion in Dhaka city streets. It leaves traffic police to regulate traffic manually despite the fact that the city traffic system is having a comprehensive signal infrastructure. It appears that traffic police are not serious to operate the system mainly because of callousness of the city traffic department. Many believe it is rewarding many ways.
Metropolitan Dhaka is in ICU in terms of traffic mobility, BUET experts has rightly said but we wonder there is hardly any new ideas or suggestions except mechanical parking. The other issues are known to all but their solution can't be expected from this highly corrupt dysfunctional government. Powerful bus operators --- Ministers, MPs and other ruling party men are plying their fleet in the streets without fitness and regularly bribing the traffic police. The government is giving blind eyes to leaving the city traffic to utter chaos. The report said about 40 per cent pedestrians in city is victims of road accidents.
It is known to all that there is not enough space in the city roads and yet the City Corporations have leased out one-third of total road space for parking. This is an ill-conceived decision and moreover city police and party men are allowing vendors to set up business on pavements at regular payment shrinking the road space. The construction of metro rail is causing serious impediments narrowing major roads to traffic movement.  So we see no miracle soon that will remove disarray from city streets.