Staff Reporter :
The Election Commission (EC) has sent a proposal to the Ministry of Planning seeking Tk 1,950.50 crore to continue the National Identification (NID) service.
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EC seeks Tk 1,950cr to continue NID service


Staff Reporter :
The Election Commission (EC) has sent a proposal to the Ministry of Planning seeking Tk 1,950.50 crore to continue the National Identification (NID) service.
Meanwhile, with the help of government grant and World Bank loan in 2011, the Election Commission (EC) has implemented a project named 'Identification System for Enhancing Access to Service (IDEA) third correction' to continue National Identification (NID) service. That project has ended last March.
In this circumstances, to continue the NID services the EC has sent a proposal to the Ministry of Planning named "Identification System for Enhancing Access to Service (IDEA) second phase".  
Planning Commission source said, after the scrutiny of the proposal, it is sent to Minister's approval.  After getting minister nod it will be placed to Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) meeting.
EC's NID wing will implement the project. When it was tried to talk with NID Director General Brigadier General Mohammad Sidul Islam about the project, but in vain. Several time were phoned, but there was no response.
In the proposal, EC has mentioned of several reasons as to why the new project is essential. EC said, to render the better service to the citizens it needs to set up a separate data centre and to maintain its gradual modernization. Other reasons are built a disaster recovery site and synchronization, maintenance DC/ DRS, continue the ongoing national identity service, identity verification service, smart NID production and distribution, collection of citizens' eyeris and finger print and maintain the continuation of reservation of database under the ongoing IDEA project.
In the proposal EC has mentioned of specific sector wise cost. EC has demanded Tk 12.35 crore for 97 officials salary, Tk 6.71 crore for house rent, Tk 41 lakh for recreational allowance, Tk 2.5 crore for festivals allowance, Tk 87 lakh for medical allowance, Tk 58 lakh as educational allowance, Tk 20 lakh as New Year allowance, Tk 9 lakh for communication, Tk 12 lakh for mobile, Tk 25 lakh for residential telephone, Tk 6 lakh for Tiffin, Tk 7.5 lakh for dress, Tk 5 lakh for Batman, Tk 3 lakh for compensation, Tk Three lakh for additional duty, Tk 35 lakh for overtime, Tk 50 lakh for others and in aid to civil power and Tk 35 lakh for honorium.
EC also mentioned of NID activities to be expatriates. EC seeks Tk 100 crore for a team
 is abroad and expatriates registration, Tk 75 crore for NID smart card distribution and management, Tk One crore for entertainment, Tk 11.43 crore for transport service, Tk One crore for legal service, Tk 2.50 crore for meeting, seminar, conference, Tk 2 crore for utility service, Tk 1.80 crore for internet/ FAX/ Telex, Tk 50 lakh for postal/courier, Tk 50 lakh for telephone and Tk 4 crore for publicity and advertisement.
Tk 1 crore for making audio-video/documentary, Tk 356.51 crore for outsourcing service, Tk 60 lakh for renewal of vehicle registration, Tax token, fitness, Tk 50 lakh for bank charge, Tk 16.58 crore for managing cost (Office rent/electricity bill/document scanning), Tk 4 crore for internal training, Tk 1 crore for traveling abroad, Tk 2 crore for domestic travelling, Tk 3.63 crore for vehicle and generator's petrol, diesel, oil and lubricant, Tk 35 lakh for vehicle's gas, Tk 554 crore for smart card buy, production, personalization and send to upaliza level, Tk 50 lakh for stamp and sill, Tk 1 crore for others cosmetics, Tk 28.70 crore for advisory service, Tk One crore for computer parts and computer consumables, Tk 60 lakh for motor vehicle repairs, Tk 3 lakh for furniture maintenance, Tk 2 crore for computers maintenance, Tk 23 crore for maintenance of machinery and equipment, Tk 5 lakh for maintenance of other buildings and establishments, Tk 4.20 crore for motor vehicle's maintenance and Tk 11.58 crore for rent a annex building (Islamic Foundation Building), NID service, operate call centres others bill of the offices.