Risky ships anchoring in Ctg Port violating rules


The risky and forbidden ships are allegedly anchoring in the Chittagong Port ignoring the rules and regulations, sources said.
However, the Director of Shipping and Commerce directed the Chittagong Port authorities on several occasions not to allow the risky ships in the port. But there was little response to it. The order was issued in view of the increase of risky and forbidden ships in and around the Chittagong Port, sources said.
The owners of the risky ships maintain a liaison with the port authorities to anchor their ships, sources said, and ignore the rules and regulations to be applied to the unfit vehicles.
The Chittagong Port had experience of accidents due to defaulted containers, sources said.
Port State Controller (PSC), an international approved organisation authorized to justify the fitness of the water vehicles from foreign countries, identified 70 unfit ships in last two years and restricted their movement in the port.
In January 2013, PSC identifying "Oeil Bengal" and "MVC Navigator" of Orient Express Line, a Singapore based Shipping Company, instruction was given  for repairing, but to no purpose.
Later, PSC requested the port authorities to stop them. But they rather have been giving chance to berth the goods.
MVC Navigator, which regularly runs between Chittagong and Colombo in Sri Lanka, anchored on January 27 loaded with containers.
Two investigative drives were conducted into the berth of the containers.  The investigators stated that the condition of the ship was not suitable either for berthing or loading, adding that the condition of its shell was critical.
Bangladesh Container Shipping Association acknowledging about the unfit ships anchoring in the port said that they should be stopped.