Sonia-Marzuk Russell New pair in film industry


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :Exceptional actor Marzuk Russell acted in a self titled role in Mostafa Sarwar Farooki’s popular movie titled Bachelor. Later despite acting against popular actress Poppy in Kamruzzaman Kamu’s a movie titled The Director, Marzuk still doesn’t know when the movie will see the light to release. This time Marzuk is very much optimistic about his acted third movie titled Ratrir Jatri. Habibul Islam Habib has not only given its direction but also has written its script, story and dialogue. In Ratrir Jatri, Marzuk Russell and Sonia performed together as a pair. Shooting of this pair was taken place last week in a shooting house in the city’s Eskaton area. In the movie, Marzuk and Sonia performed in role of husband-wife. Marzuk acted in role of Mehedi, while Sonia acted in role of Poribanu in the movie. While talking about his performance in Ratrir Jatri Marzuk Russell told this correspondent, “This time I have acted in an exceptional role in the movie in which by this role the viewers are not habituated to watch me on the screen. Though the character is small but it was really an enjoyable role. After many years I have acted against Sonia. Therefore, the story of Ratrir Jatri is nice. I think it will be a good work.”Sonia shared her feelings over mobile phone by this way, “I think the role of Poribanu will create a new dimension in my acting career. I have tried my level best to express my role in the movie. I believe many viewers will enjoy the movie.”In the movie Ratrir Jatri, popular film actress and model Moushumi acted in the title role. Therefore, ATM Shamsuzzaman, Salauddin Lavlu, Anisur Rahman Milon, Sadia Afrin, Naila Nayem, among others, also acted in different roles in the movie.