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Iranian footballers in hot water after selfies with female fans

By Agency

Iranian footballers have been threatened with punishment back home if they pose for "selfies" with female fans as they continue with their Asia Cup matches abroad, The Telegraph reported Sunday.
"Players are not allowed to pose for selfies with female fans," head of the Iranian Football Federation's disciplinary committee, Ali Akbar Mohamedzade, said.
Mohamedzade warned the players that these women "may later use these photos for political ransom against our country or sue the players for harassment"
He added: "If the players refuse to act according to our clear instructions then we will be left with no option but to deal with them."
But he did not specify how the committee will deal with them. While images showing "inappropriately dressed" women have been censored from media coverage back home, on social media, some women have become well-known.
One lady fan in Australia was seen wearing a short tank top, showing her stomach, replaced the central white strip of the national flag, which carries the national emblem, with a message saying: "Will Alireza marry me?"