Nawsheen Apurbo under Diti`s direction


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :Popular TV actor Ziaul Faruk Apurbo and popular host, TV actress and model Nawsheen Nahrin Mou performed together under direction of noted film actress and play director Parvin Sultana Diti for the first time.Earlier Apurbo and Nawsheen performed together in several TV plays. Six years ago, Apurbo first acted under Diti’s directed first play titled Khunsutikey Dilam Chhuti. Monalisa was co-actress of Apurbo in that play. But for the first time, Nawsheen acted under Diti’s direction in a TV play titled Sobar Uporey Maa.Directed by Diti story of the play was written by Rumman Rashid Khan. Ahmed Nobel gave Diti full support while giving direction of the play. Produced by Impress Telefilm Ltd, Diti also performed in an important role in the play, which will be telecasted on Channel i on the occasion of coming Mother’s Day. Shooting of the play was wrapped up yesterday at Diti’s own house in the city’s Gulshan area. While talking about her making new play Diti told this correspondent, “I try to make plays on the occasion of special days. Now every year I have a play on the occasion of Mother’s Day for the viewers. According to her role, Nawsheen acted well. Apurbo is also like her. As a director, I am really satisfied with their performances.”Apurbo shared his feelings by this way, “After six years, I have worked under Diti Apa’s direction. I couldn’t feel there was a gap of six years while acting in the play. Because I worked with her as a co-actor in several plays later. As an actress, Diti Apa is one of my favourite performers. Therefore, she is very broadminded.”Nawsheen expressed her feelings by this way, “I have liked the direction of Diti Apa. It is really comfortable to work under an actress-director. Though it was my first work under her direction I have enjoyed a lot. I have tried my level best to express my role in the play. I believe viewers will enjoy the play.”Meanwhile, Diti last made a play titled Bhalobasha Hoye Jai to cast Lux superstar Nadia Afrin. Therefore, she also finished shooting of FI Manik’s film Dui Prithibi recently. On the other hand, Apurbo is now acting in several drama serials. Now his acted a serial Lake Drive Lane, directed by Nazrul Islam Raju, is being telecasted on NTV. Therefore, Nawsheen is now showing her keen interest to perform in big screen. She has already taken mental preparation in this regard. Besides films, she also wants to act in new drama serials, she said.Right now Nawsheen is now acting in several serials - Bi-Focal, Nirbikar Manush, Ekdin Chhuti Hobey, Jibon-er Oligoli, Nilambori, Uramon, Dolchhut Projapoti and Bhalobashar Shatrong.  It may be mentioned that as a pair, Apurbo and Nawsheen first performed together in Sajjad Sumon’s play titled Ei Shohorey Du’jon Manush in November 2008.