Sachin Tendulkar begins work on his autobiography

By Agency

Soon cricket fans around the world will come to know the story of Sachin Tendulkar from the man himself as the batting icon has started work on his autobiography.
"The work on it has started. If I give out the details of it, then who will read it? When the time is appropriate, I will let you know [more about it]," Tendulkar said during a Reynolds event on Wednesday.
Tendulkar said writing is not something new to him as he was used to writing letters to parents and Anjali from tours before the cell-phone era. "When I started playing cricket, there were no mobile phones. So writing letters to my parents and later on to my wife Anjali became one of the ways to stay connected with near and dear ones," the Bharat Ratna awardee said.
Tendulkar's father was known name among Marathi writers and suggested that he wants his children to develop passion for writing. "Anjali and me would allow both Sara and Arjun to scribble on the walls when they were young."
"Writing, much like batting, needs ample practice, the right technique and execution," the batting maestro signed off.