Aaamir is not shying away from politics

By Agency

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan yesterday said he is not shying away from politics, but that he was not interested in it. “I am not shying away from politics. I am not interested in politics. I am interested in touching people’s heart,” he said responding to a query in this regard. “People enter politics because they want to serve the country and serve the people. There are many other ways of doing it,” he said. “Actors have a huge role to play. We bring joy to people. we give joy, we bring laughter, colour in their life...,” he said. Aamir said the responsibility of those in the entertainment industry is to bring grace to society and build its moral fibre. That was the role of a creative person. “I feel very proud of what I am doing,” he said at a press meet in connection with the TV show Satyamev Jayate, the second phase of which will be aired from March 2. “In India, we are constantly looking at a messiah. Our country will finally change when we believe each one of us is a messiah. That is the central thought of a democracy. We have to look for stregnth from within us in a democracy. I do not believe in looking at anyone else,” he said when asked who would be a better candidate for the PM’s post Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi. “Society changes when society takes a turn,” he said.