Young turk!


Some armed young men entered a school in Gazipur on Saturday and opened fire indiscriminately. The people of the locality together with the students of the school caught the armed boys. The detained boys were identified as Imran, Azizul Hakim and Ronny- all of them were in their twenties.

  Azizul Hakim  Rocky entering the school on Saturday reportedly  beat  Khairul Islam Tonmoy, a  student of  Taijuddin High School, Gazipur, police said.  The matter was informed   to the teachers of the school  by the members of  family of Khairul Islam.  Having heard the matter Rocky became furious. Later, accompanied by some others he entered the school and opened fire indiscriminately in the school. The teachers and students became panicky and began to  look for safe shelter.


At this local people and students of the school chased away Rocky and his associates  and detained them with weapons. The police reached the place of incident and took the armed boys and recovered a pistol and some ammunitions  from their  possession, the police source told  the media.


SI of Bhogra police outpost of Joydevput  thana  Ekramul Huq told the media that one foreign pistol and some ammunitions were recovered from the arrested three boys.  Azizul Hakim Rocky is a SCC candidate while two others are degree students.  A case was filed with Joydevpur  thana in this connection.