Citizenship means ownership of the country: Let us build it for us


After the death of a government party activist everyone in the government including the Minister for Public Administration and Secretary General of Awami League Syed Ashraful Islam has asked police to be more tough meaning toughness against others. Crossfire killing is ok as long as party men of the government are not targeted. The Commanding Officer of Rapid Action Battalion of police has been withdrawn in no time.News in the press using police sources say how weapons have been recovered from young activists of the party in power. It is said that terrorists are now working from within Awami League and police are planning to find them. But the question is: Will the police be able to stop them?The lawlessness of government's own party supporters is the biggest crisis for the government to remain orderly and effective. What we have is disarray in the government and chaos in public life. Most importantly, we have no safety and protection of the law. Politically connected killing is an everyday incident.Despite increasing extrajudicial killings, mounting police cases and holding of thousands of persons in prison month after month without trial, the law and order situation remains dangerously fragile.We have now terrorism which was not there. The violent activities by themselves are not terrorism. The political violence is a reaction to state violence.We are not a worthless nation that we should remain helpless because circumstances have made us politically leaderless. The selfish ones are taking full advantage of "the leaderless trap" we find ourselves in.We have to accept the reality that political leadership does not come easy. The people have to be saved from the helplessness of "the leaderless trap". We need to remind ourselves again and again that no nation can enjoy safety and freedom if citizens are not vigilant about their respective responsibilities and perform such responsibilities with patriotic fervour. Let everyone in public service make his or her institution strong to serve the nation as one should under the mandate of the Constitution. We must build institutional leadership to ensure good governance. Good governance is not a product of dreams, it is the conscious arrangement of political science.What has happened, for our indifference to national obligations is that all the institutions of good governance have been politicised and paralysed. We have denied ourselves the protection and safety of good governance.Citizenship means ownership of the country so let us own the country and build it for us.