We are being driven to anarchy blindfolded: We must think


Street show of force is no security against secret killing. Now we have the border guard force moving in the capital city to enhance protection of foreign diplomats. Other law enforcers are also patrolling the city riding motor bikes in rows as if the secret killers will come in a body to confront them.After the killing of two foreign nationals suddenly and surprisingly the government has also suddenly came to know that the deteriorating law and order situation is a security risk for the life of ours and foreigners. There was still no visible realization that competence and honesty are essential for running a competent government. Lies of the incompetent people in the government are unraveling now.No understanding was shown that politics of annihilating opposition only creates an atmosphere of insecurity under the cover of punishing the political opponents. This is the way the government itself has created insecurity in the whole country. The government cannot deny that we, including the human rights bodies,  protested secret killings and forced disappearances pursued by the government agencies as a means of fighting terrorism.  We can deceive ourselves and play into the hands of dangerous international terrorism by looking for terrorism in the country when it does not exist. There is undeniably encouragement for violent politics. Feuding and plundering has become the primary culture of our politics which is no politics. Almost every member of the parliament so chosen by the government and every political leader so describe himself, has armed cadre of his own. The violent and intolerant politics has given rise to violence everywhere. Our passivity and shortsightedness should worry us most. Because in a situation of political uncertainty and insecurity of lawlessness, terrorism comes rushing invited or not invited. The police are politicized to be used as a force of party politics of the government. They became enforcer of the politics of the government. They could not show their commitment and competence as a force of law and order.Thus the machinery for maintaining law and order has been broken slowly but carelessly.  Overnight, huge billboards popped up claiming huge successes through pictures to tell the people about progress and prosperity attained successfully by the government. The development, that the people cannot see but to be told, cannot be development for the people. So the propaganda is misleading to keep the government in the dark about its failure. No country can prosper where safety and security is uncertain.   What the eminent persons who are supposed to be at the helm of affairs do not know is that lies in running a government end up in collapse of the government. Authoritarianism everywhere fails disastrously for lies of the self-seekers who claim self-justice for their mistakes. For the safety and security of us all and not just of the foreigners, we earnestly want to see the government succeed but that is not to say that those competent ones in the government must not think in terms of political accommodation at a national level. We also do not say that BNP, in the present form or shape, is the solution. Using BNP as punching bag is pathetic. There is no party politics for a solution through party politics. Who says what and who does what in the government is unimportant when the truth of the crisis is not recognized and solution is unknown. We are being driven blindfolded into a death trap. That is all the more the reason why we want the people wielding real power to follow the sensible path for saving the people from remaining helplessly unsafe and unprotected. We have said it repeatedly and say it again that as a nation we cannot prove unworthy of freedom and living in safety. So, let us think.