18 acre khas land recovered in Narsingdi


Narsingdi Correspondent :

On the instructions of Narsingdi Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate Dr. Badiul Alam, Narsingdi Sadar Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Mehedi Hasan Kawsar, with the help of the local administration, recovered about 18 acres of Khas land, the estimated value of which is about Tk 80 crore, from the possession of influential people in different areas of Narsingdi Sadar Upazila in the last four months.
The local people are very happy with the activities of the administration. On the other hand, due to the recovery of these lands, the government’s revenue income has increased and the opportunity to provide land to the landless has been created, said administration sources. According to a Narsingdi District Administration source, some influential people had occupied hundreds of acres of Khas land for a long time in different mauzas in Dharmapur of Amdia Union, Rajadi of Chinishpur Union, and Shilmandi of Shilmandi Union in Narsingdi Sadar Upazila.
On these lands, the influential people built various types of unauthorized struc- tures including shops, residences, and industries. While visiting on the spot, it has been known that due to encroachment of canals and drains, water drainage has also been obstructed. Besides, the government has been deprived of crores of taka in revenue due to the encroachment. The district administration took steps to recover these lands for the protection and preservation of governmentinterests, wealth, and property. As a part of this, separate raids were conducted in phases when 18 acres of government lands were recov- ered. Of the lands, 2.62 acres in Dharmapur Mauza of Amdia Union, 2.05 acres in Nandipara Mauza of Chinishpur Union, and 13 acres in Shilamandi Mauza of Shilamandi Union were recovered. On the instructions of Narsingdi Deputy Commissioner Dr. Badiul Alam, Narsingdi Sadar Upazila AC (Land) and Executive Magistrate Mehedi Hasan Kawsar started recovering Khas land from last September.
Narsingdi Deputy Commissioner Dr. Badiul Alam said, “An operation is being conducted to free the government land from illegal encroachers. As a result of the recovery of these Khas lands, it will be possible to create opportunities for land allocation in the legal process along with ensuring receipt of government revenue, constriction of government buildings, and land allocation among the landless.”
Md. Hazrat Ali, an occupier of Khas land in Amdia Union, said, “Since 1984, my grandfather and father had been occupying this land on lease. After them, we had possessed the land. But we didn’t pay the land rent as per government norms. It’s our fault.
It has made our occupation illegal. If the government grants the land in our name, then we are willing to renew and possess the land again.” Bikash Chandra Saha, who occupies a Khas land in Rajadi Village of Chinishpur Union, said, “We are not above the law. We are willing to take the allocation according to the way the government allocates Khas land.”
Selina Begum, a female member of Ward No. 1, 2, and 3 of Shilamandi Union Parishad, said, “The government was deprived of a large amount of revenue due to the fact that Khas land had been occupied for ages. The current Deputy Commissioner Dr. Badiul Alam is active in rescuing these lands. As a result, the government occupiers have been compelled to take the land in their possession following the government’s rules and regulations. Because of this, the local landless people are getting the opportunity to get the allocation of these Khas lands.”
Narsingdi Sadar Upazila AC (Land) and Executive Magistrate Mehedi Hasan Kawsar said, “For a long time some peo- ple had been illegally occupying these Khas lands by building all kinds of unauthorized structures including shops, houses, poultry farms, cow farms, and factories. To protect and preserve the government assets, the campaign to res- cue these lands will continue.”
He also said, “After inspecting every government highland, the revenue is being collected. This year the revenue has doubled as compared to the last financial year. Besides, a list containing the names and addresses of external brokers has been hung in this office.
Meanwhile, a broker named Md. Buruj Mia has been arrested and jailed for three days.”