2,360 fires reported in Dec


News Desk :
A total of 2,360 fire incidents were reported across Bangladesh in December, claiming the lives of eight people and injuring 18.

Of them, 192 fire incidents occurred in the areas under two Dhaka city corporations, averaging seven incidents a day, reports media.

The information was disclosed in a press release sent by the Fire Service and Civil Defense Media Cell on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the press release, out of 2,360 fire incidents across the country in December, 571 reported in Dhaka division, 95 in Mymensingh, 308 in Chittagong, 445 in Rajshahi, 160 in Khulna, 80 in Sylhet, 97 in Barisal, and 604 in Rangpur.

Monthly statistics showed that the number of fires increased from November to December. Last November, 2,035 fire incidents occurred across the country. Meanwhile, four people were killed and four injured in 192 arson incidents in the Dhaka City Corporation area.

The press release further stated that in December, 827 accidents around the country involved the involvement of the Fire Service and Civil Defence in rescue operations. There were 100 fatalities and 834 injuries. which includes 675 auto accidents.


In addition, there were 36 occurrences involving kitchen gas cylinders, nine involving gas line malfunctions, 12 involving lifts and 34 involving drowning in rivers and water.

Some 24 people nationwide died as a result of drowning in ponds, rivers, or other bodies of water.

Some 181 accidents reported in Dhaka division, 38 in Mymensingh, 105 in Chittagong, 209 in Rajshahi, 115 in Khulna, 19 in Sylhet, 51 in Barisal, and 109 in Rangpur.

In December, Fire Service and Civil Defense provided services through 4,610 calls to fire and various accidents from all over the country.

Besides, 941 patients were transported through 946 calls and provided ambulance services.