3 BD entrepreneurs named in 100 Global Tech’s Changemakers’ list

Business Desk :
Sonia Bashir Kabir, Afeef Zaman, and Morin Talukder, three Bangladeshi tech and start-up entrepreneurs, have been named in the Rest of World (RoW)’s 100 Global Tech’s Changemakers’ list for their contribution to the tech sector amid challenges. From tech leaders, innovators, and investors to activists, RoW identified those people outside Silicon Valley and the West, whose efforts directly impact countries where the majority of the world’s population lives.
Earlier this year, it set out to find 100 of the most influential, innovative, and trailblazing personalities in fintech, e-commerce, policy, digital infrastructure, and a range of other sectors that intersect with and influence technology.
“To put together the list, our reporters and editors researched individuals in each regional ecosystem who have made an outsized contribution to their sectors while facing logistical, financial, and political challenges that come with building something groundbreaking in those communities,” according to Row.