Acclaimed TVC in new story ‘Swapno Jabe Bari’


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
What can be more
emotional than the urge to return to the loved ones? When anybody gets some free time, he/she wants to run to the closeness of my
people. There is nothing new to say about returning home on Eid holidays. Millions of people returned from the workplace to their parents, returned to their loved ones. Dreams run on the way home.
Focusing on that emotion and love, Grameenphone has come up with an advertisement titled ‘Swapno Jabe Bari’. The TV commecial (TVC) has been produced for the fourth time. The story behind the advertisement ‘Swapno Jabe Bari’ is quite long.
On the occasion of Eid, the people living in Dhaka return to their villages and express their emotions towards their homes in this advertisement. Popular producer Shahriar Palak started this advertisement by Grameenphone since 2016. Although another version (the first) came out quite a while ago. Originally from 2016 to 2024, ‘Swapno Jabe Bari’ has been constructed for the fourth time.
Habib Wahid’s tune and music is sung by Mithun Chakkar in this song. Needless to say, this song has become the ‘homecoming song’.
Mehedi Akash is in the lead role in this TVC, along with Eva, Ria Barman, Pavel Zaman, Zainal Abedin and Shimla. Everyone’s performance is being appreciated.
While talking about working in this advertisement, model-actor Mehedi Akash told this correspondent, “As always, the ad is created with the emotion of returning home on Eid. But this time it was presented differently. The expectation was that it would be liked by everyone when it was released. Being. We are getting very good response.”