Actress Sporshia launches her e-fashion house

Entertainment Report :
Popular actress and model of present generation Orchita Sporshia launched her very own e-fashion house named Touch by Sporshia
on her birthday, on December 8. An event was held
in this regard on Wednesday.
While talking about launching her e-fashion house Sporshia said,
“I wanted to explore more options.” She also said that she does not want to limit herself only to acting and filmmaking. She sported a baby pink tissue saree with a white blouse and paired it with a matching
fur shawl and pearl earrings. The actress said, “I am not a business person but I have always had a fascination for sarees. So, the
main product of Touch by Sporshia is saree.”
Sporshia informed that her e-fashion house will promote locally made products and has collaborated with Alokito Shishu and 10 per cent of each sale will be donated to the platform dedicated to educate the underprivileged children. She also said, “All the sarees available
on my website are made in Bangladesh. I have plans to launch more
local products.” Currently, the website features a decent number
of winter collections, including hoodies and jackets.
Orchita Sporshia owns a production house, Kochchhop Films.