Guardians, examinees worried: Admission test in KUET, MIST on same day

UNB, Khulna :
Candidates seeking admission to the Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) and the Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) in Dhaka along with their guardians are worried as the tests for both the institutions will take place on the same day.
“Both KUET and MIST are equally important to examinees. Many have taken preparation to sit for admission tests in both the institutions but they would have to forego either one of them as their tests are scheduled on the same day, October 18,” said an admission seeker. The KUET admission test will take place in Khulna while MIST in Dhaka, and so the students will be able to sit for admission test in one institution only. Many informed that they will be deprived of taking part in one of the admission tests despite taking forms from both the institutions.
Every student should be given the scope to participate in the admission tests as per their qualification, and so there must be a coordination among the universities to fix dates for their admission tests, said guardians.
Contacted, Brig Gen AKM Nazrul Islam, head of the admission test committee of MIST, said, “No decision has been taken yet to change the admission test date. However, a process is underway in this regard. Efforts are also on to see whether the test date can be re-fixed through a coordination.”
Md Tayebur Rahman, Controller of Examinations of Kuet, said MIST was contacted on behalf of KUET so that their admission test dates do not clash. KUET fixed the admission test date earlier. Besides, the date is announced from the university council.
On October 18, some 12,000 students will take part in the admission test for 1,065 seats in KUET. On the other hand, about 10,000 students have taken preparation to compete for 570 seats in MIST, Dhaka.
Another source, however, said the University Grants Commission – UGC – can play a role in coordinating the test dates if they desire so, allowing several thousand examinees to attempt to study their desired subjects at the institution of their choice. Otherwise, the students would have to study courses they do not prefer, which many think, would pose an impediment in their pursuit of higher education.