Ador Azad and Puja Cherry in three movies


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Ador Azad is one of the most popular heroes of Bangladesh’s movies at the moment. Hailed from Bogura, Ador Azad is very focused on acting in movies. He is now working in the
main story based movies. He is trying
to develop himself as an actor
in the world of acting.
On the other hand, Puja Cherry Roy has a different position among the heroines of this generation of Bangladeshi cinema. Especially from the first movie ‘Poraman-2’ as a heroine, she has been able to create her own position.
After the impeccable performance in the movie ‘Golui’ opposite Shakib Khan, Puja Cherry has come to an enviable position in acting.
Ador Azad and Puja Cherry are acting together in three movies, out of which Alok Hasan’s ‘Nakphul’ has been completed.
Actor Ador Azad told this correspondent that the movie ‘Nakphul’ will be released on Valentine’s Day.
Meanwhile, Ador and Puja have almost completed 80 per cent works of movie ‘Lipstick’ directed by Kamruzzaman Roman.
Shooting of same producer and director’s movie ‘Dorodiya’ will start in February next year.
If everything goes well then next year February will be a very important time for both Ador and Puja. Because in the same month as movie ‘Nakphul’ is supposed to be released, the shooting of the movie ‘Dorodiya’ is supposed to start in the same month.
Actor Ador Azad told this correspondent, “My last released movie was ‘Jontrona’. Now movie ‘Nakphul’ is waiting for release. ‘Nakphul’, ‘Lipstick’, ‘Dorodiya’ – these three are romantic tragedy, romantic thriller and romantic action based movies. The stories of all three movies are amazing in one word. Puja and I have already tried to give our best in two movies. Hopefully, if the movies are released one after the other, we may be able to do new projects in the future, Inshallah.”
Puja Cherry shared her feelings by this way, “I like to work with Adar Azad bhai. After seeing the work of both of us in the movie ‘Lipstick’, the director and producer liked it, so we are going to work again in the same team’s movie. Hopefully something good will be happened.”
Meanwhile, Puja’s last released movie was ‘Jinn’ directed by Nader Chowdhury. Puja’s latest blockbuster movie is ‘Golui’ directed by SA Haque Olike opposite Shakib Khan.
Puja has also received the Best Actress award from various events for her performance in this movie.