Air Arabia flight delays 10hrs for mechanical fault at Ctg Airport


Chattogram Bureau :

The return flight from Shah Amanat International Airport to United Arab Emirates resumed its journey with 102 passengers after fixing the mechanical problem. The flight took off at 6:52pm on Sunday (January 28).

Shah Amanat International Airport Director Group Captain Taslim Ahmed confirmed this to media.


Earlier on Saturday at 7:30pm, the flight took off from Shah Amanat International Airport with 149 passengers to Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

After an hour of flight, the plane suffered a mechanical failure in mid-air. The pilot did not proceed further and returned to Chattogram and landed safely at Chattogram airport at 9:30pm with passengers. Passengers are accommodated in different hotels in Agrabad as per rules.

Meanwhile, some passengers left Chattogram on another Air Arabia flight. Some passengers returned tickets. Finally, after the repair of the aircraft, the flight took off in the evening with 102 passengers.