AL vows to curb inflation


Special Correspondent :
Building on the plethora of development works in the last 15 consecutive years, the Bangladesh Awami League (AL), has unfolded its ambitious blueprint for the nation’s future ahead of the election scheduled for January 7.

The party’s manifesto, unveiled at a ceremonious event at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Dhaka on Wednesday, delineates a comprehensive agenda spanning 11 key areas, all geared towards fostering a tangible development, job creation, and social welfare.

Under the theme of “Smart Bangladesh,” the manifesto underscores the Awami League’s commitment to steering the nation towards progress through strategic utilization of modern technology.

Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, in a momentous revelation, shared the party’s vision for the next five years at the ceremony.

Unveiling the party’s election blueprint, Awami League (AL) President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina promised to make Bangladesh a hunger-poverty-free smart country by 2041, if her party is elected in the forthcoming national polls.

With the rallying slogan, “Tangible development, employment will increase this time,” the manifesto accentuates the party’s unwavering dedication to addressing pivotal issues that directly impact the lives of the populace.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, in her address, proudly highlighted the substantial achievements of her government over the years.

These accomplishments range from a commendable increase in per capita income and GDP to notable advancements in power generation, infrastructure development, education, and healthcare.

She also promised for uninterrupted and quality power and energy supply if Awami League is elected.

“We have set targets to reduce the poverty rate to 11 percent, end extreme poverty, and reduce the poverty rate to 3 percent by 2041. If elected, we will implement it,” AL President said.

The manifesto articulates a robust plan for the future, emphasizing key areas such as ensuring affordable commodity prices, providing job-oriented education and employment opportunities for the youth, and building a Smart Bangladesh grounded in modern technology.

The party’s commitment extends to boosting investment in integrated farming, mechanization, and processing to make agriculture more profitable, expanding industry through infrastructure maximization and increased investment, and enhancing efficiency in the financial sector, including banking.

“If elected by the people’s vote, we will make Bangladesh a hunger-poverty-free smart country by 2041, Inshallah,” she said while declaring her party’s election manifesto ahead of the 12th Jatiya Sangsad (JS) election.


She said technological capabilities are essential to survive global competition in the fourth industrial revolution era.

“That is why we announced the building of ‘Smart Bangladesh.’ Smart Bangladesh has four pillars – Smart Citizens, Smart Government, Smart Economy, and Smart Society.

The Awami League government has worked in every field to establish Smart Bangladesh,” she said.

According to the Prime Minister, “Bangladesh will be established as a high-middle-income country by 2031 and a developed, prosperous, smart one by 2041 by the Bangladesh Awami League, the bearer of the spirit of the Liberation War, if the people once again allow us to serve them by voting for the Boat, the AL’s electoral symbol.”

The 11 key areas prioritized in the current manifesto for the next five years include: Striving to keep commodity prices within everyone’s purchasing power. Ensuring job-oriented education and employment for youth. Building a Smart Bangladesh based on modern technology.

Boosting investment in integrated farming, mechanization, and processing to make agriculture more profitable. Expanding industry by maximizing existing infrastructure and enhancing investment.

Enhancing efficiency and capacity in the financial sector, including banking.
Making healthcare accessible to people with lower income. Bringing everyone under the coverage of a universal pension system.

Ensuring the effectiveness and accountability of law enforcement agencies. Preventing communalism, all forms of terrorism, and militancy.

Protecting democratic systems and promoting its practices at all levels. In the manifesto, the AL vowed to show zero tolerance against corruption and terrorism, alleviate poverty, create employments, ensure service-oriented and accountable administration.

The AL manifesto also put more focus on infrastructure development, freedom of the press and the practice of transparency, accountability, good governance as well as strengthened democratic values in all aspects of state management.

The Awami League’s manifesto reflects a holistic approach to governance, addressing economic, social, and political aspects.

As the election approaches, the electorate will closely scrutinize these proposed initiatives, evaluating their potential impact on the nation’s well-being.

The party aims to secure a renewed mandate to continue its efforts towards building a prosperous and inclusive Bangladesh.