Alongkar with Mosharraf Karim in Eid drama ‘Ekdin Celebrity’


Entertainment Report :
A special Eid drama titled ‘Ekdin Celebrity’ has been made for the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha for a satellite channel.
The drama is written and directed by Shafiq Mukta.
In the meantime, shooting of the drama has been completed in the cinematography of Biswajit Dutta at various locations in Pubail.
Versatile actor of present time, Mosharraf Karim acted in role of ‘Akkas’ in this drama. Alongkar Chowdhury, the popular actress of this generation, acted opposite Mosharraf Karim in the drama.
Alongkar said this is the first time she got a chance to act in a drama opposite Mosharraf Karim. Before this, Alongkar Chowdhury got the opportunity to act in her first drama serial titled ‘Golok Dhandha,’ directed by Shamim Zaman, with Mosharraf Karim.
After that Alongkar worked in many dramas but did not get the chance to work with Mosharraf Karim.
Alongkar Chowdhury is very excited after getting the opportunity to work with Mosharraf Karim after a long time.
While sharing her feelings in this regard, the actress told this correspondent, “The drama ‘Ekdin Celebrity’ is the story of the cinema. There are songs like movies, there are fights, there are comedies, and there are also love stories in it. There is a message again. And that is to understand yourself, to know yourself, and to correct yourself. My character’s name in this drama is Esha. I became a popular heroine in a very short time. And Akkas is a CNG driver who is a big fan of heroine Esha. So, the story of this drama revolves around Akkas and Esha. I like doing this even in this hot weather. Mosharraf Bhai is a very talented actor of this country. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to work with him. We acted together in the series before this, and this time in drama. I tried to learn many things from him in these two days of acting. He is so unbelievably cooperative. I especially want to thank the director Shafiq Mukta Bhai for giving me the opportunity to act in this drama.”
Maruf Mithu, Anubhab Mahabub, etc also acted in this drama.
Meanwhile, Mosharraf Karim has completed another drama titled ‘Swami Aar Stri’ directed by Ashik, where Brishty acted opposite Mosharraf Karim.
Apart from this, Mosharraf Karim has done another drama under the direction of Bornonath, where Samanta Parvez has worked opposite him.