Amy Jackson welcomes a baby boy


Actor Amy Jackson and fiancé George Panayiotou have welcomed a baby boy and named the newborn Andreas. Sharing a first photo from the hospital, Amy wrote, “Our Angel, welcome to the world Andreas.”
Amy and George got engaged on January 1 this year in Zambia and later celebrated it with a lavish party in the UK. “He proposed on a raft in Zambia, with the sun setting, and over a private dinner. It was beautiful,” the actor said in an interview.
Amy had announced her pregnancy in March this year on social media. “I’ve been waiting to shout it from the roof tops, and today, being Mother’s Day, it couldn’t be a more perfect time… I already love you more than anything in this world, the purest most honest love. We can’t wait to meet you our little Libra one,” she had written.
Amy has shared her pregnancy journey on Instagram, and remained busy with her career throughout. She also shared the minor hiccups. “Afternoons like this. The decision to take a little step back from work over the last month was scary but definitely necessary.

Although waking up at mid day and eating whatever you want surprisingly gets a bit boring after a couple of weeks but once you’re in that mindset, it’s so hard to snap out of it!! I’ve been finding it really difficult to motivate myself through the last few weeks but yesterday was so enlightening. I’ve realised regardless of what’s happening… it’s sooo important to get up, get changed, and spend some time outside. Nature is super powerful #SoulFood,” one of her posts read.