Auto-rickshaws illegally ply on Sylhet-Dhaka Highway

Sylhet Bureau :
Battery-powered three-wheeled and Auto-rickshaws are plying on the Dhaka-Sylhet highway. Although three-wheeled vehicles are banned on the highway, Dakshin Surma Area seems to be an exception. In addition to increasing the number of accidents is a waste of electricity.
At first glance, battery-powered auto-rickshaws are more common in highway-adjacent markets. Accidents are happening due to walking in the opposite direction without using indicators and signals.
Many people have taken up driving auto-rickshaws as a new business as prices are low and rents are high. As a result, besides road accidents, valuable resources of the country like electricity are being wasted. Battery powered auto-rickshaws are parked on the highway at Goalabazar, Tajpur, Doyamir, Nazirbazar, Rashidpur, Lalabazar, Tetly, Telibazar.
Apart from the highways, Telibazar-Temukhi road, Chondiphul-Jalalpur road, Babna-Kamalbazar road, Humayun Rashid Chattar – Moglabazar. It is learned that these vehicles ply more on Nazirbazar-Sylhet Road, Chondiphul-Chattar Road.
OC of Dakshin Surma Police Station Kamrul Hasan Talukdar said, “When we see a battery-powered auto-rickshaw and CNG on the highway, we stop the vehicle and take that to the outpost.” He said that supervision would be increased to stop illegal traffic on the highway.