BD’s Industrial Growth Falters: A Critical Concern


Bangladesh’s industrial output growth, a key economic barometer, has encountered a significant hurdle. This year’s 6.66 percent expansion rate marks the slowest pace since the pandemic’s peak, raising serious concerns about the country’s economic trajectory.

Several factors are dampening industrial activity.

High inflation squeezes consumer spending, reducing demand for domestically produced goods. Additionally, rising energy costs, import restrictions, and a weakening local currency make it more expensive for factories to operate and export their products.

Economists and business leaders warn of the potential consequences.

Slower industrial growth means fewer jobs and increased financial strain on existing companies. Coupled with sluggish export earnings, this paints a worrisome picture for overall economic growth.

The government’s import control measures, intended to stabilize foreign exchange reserves, appear to be backfiring.

While these measures may have curbed the outflow of dollars, they have also hampered factories’ ability to access raw materials and equipment, stifling production.


This situation presents a challenging dilemma.

Taming inflation requires measures that might further constrain imports and industrial activity. Conversely, prioritizing industrial growth could exacerbate inflationary pressures.

Although the industrial sector continues to grow, the downward trend is undeniable.

The government must navigate this complex scenario with a clear strategy and decisive action.

This may involve targeted measures to support industries, provide relief from rising production costs, and explore alternative solutions to manage foreign exchange reserves.

Without swift and effective interventions, Bangladesh’s economic engine risks further decline, jeopardizing job creation and overall development goals.

We cannot let the situation continue forever and the stakeholders need to focus on industrial growth as without industrial growth the nation cannot thrive.