BGB removes customs cargo office: Benapole Customs stop export -import


Export-import activities to and from India through Benapole Land Port remained suspended on Thursday as the Customs Department stopped its activities concerning export -import at the land port protesting at the removal of a temporary tent of the customs by the BGB.
Anupom Chakma, Assistant Commissioner, Benapole Customs told that the BGB men on Tuesday night removed the temporary check post of the customs that was set up to examine document of imported goods and to issuing car pass to combat tax dodging. ‘The customs will not do the jobs relating to export- import until an honorable solution to the matter’, he added.
Lt Col Matiur Rahman, Director, 26 Border Guard Battalion told newsmen that the tent was being hampering vigilance of the BGB men as well as decency of the international land port. ‘ The customs was told to make a permanent check post so that the decency of the land port is uphold several months back. They also committed to do this,’ he added.
The customs removed the tent in October last year for the sake of retreat ceremony, the BGB battalion chief added.
The BGB official also said the tent had been causing traffic congestion too.
Mohsin Milon, joint secretary, Benapole customs clearing and forwarding agents association told New Age that export-import activities through the land port was seriously hampered after long closures due to the prevailing situation.