BGB’s seized contraband in Dec worth over Tk 266 crore


City Desk :
Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) seized arms, ammunition, drugs and other contraband items worth Tk 266.74 crore during anti-smuggling drives across the country, especially in bordering areas, in December 2023.

In November, BGB seized goods worth Tk 183.98 crore, reports UNB.

In December, the paramilitary force seized 11,56,628 yaba pills, 34.574 kg crystal meth, 42.935 kg heroin, 14,468 bottles of phensedyl, 30,489 bottles of foreign liquor, 6,512 liters of local liquor, 5,91,600 pieces of liquor-making tablets, 2,270 cans of beer, 15 bottles of LSD, 1,294 kg marijuana, 64,197 packets of bidi and cigarettes, 46,094 intoxicant injections, 3,363 bottles of banned cough syrup, 1,900 kg cocaine, 5,12,746 pieces of different types of medicines, 781 packets of insecticides and 13,48,644 other tablets, said a BGB media release signed by its Public Relations Officer, Md Shariful Islam, on Wednesday.

Other smuggled items include 11.643 kg gold, 5.200 kg silver, 1,70,589 sets of cosmetics, 1,358 pieces of imitation jewelry, 12,406 sarees, 7,971 three-pieces/shirts/sheets/ blankets/readymade garments, 3,864 cubic feet of wood, 17,127 kg tea leaves, 44,515 kg coal, 1 stone statue, 12 trucks, 3 buses, 7 pickups, 6 private cars/microbuses, 18 CNG-run auto-rickshaws/easybikes and 58 motorcycles.


Seized arms include nine pistols, two different types of guns, 13 magazines, one hand grenade, 20 kg gun powder, 12 kg explosive substances, 17.200 kg potassium nitrate, and 316 rounds of bullets.

A total of 143 smugglers were arrested for smuggling yaba pills and other drugs, while 23 Bangladeshi citizens, three Indian and 150 Myanmar nationals were detained for crossing the border illegally.

Legal action has been taken against them.