Biennial confce of CUJ held


Chittagong Bureau :
The biennial conference of the Chittagong Union of Journalists(CUJ) was held at its auditorium yesterday.
President of BFUJ, Manzoorul Ahsan Bulbul inaugurated the conference as Chief Guest. General Secretary of BFUJ Abdul Jalil Bhuyia, DUJ President Altaf Mahmud and DUJ General Secretary Abdul Quddus Afrad attended it as special guests.
Noted social scientist and education admirer Dr. Anupam Sen and the former President of CUJ Azizul Hoque Bhuyia , noted journalist of Chittagong Nasirul Hoque and the senior journalists of Daily Azadi Noor Sultan graced with special honourary awards for their contritbution in respective subjects. Annual general meeting of the CUJ was also held in the afternoon followed by conference.