Bindu Kona enjoying stage shows after returning home


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Bindu Kona is the popular musician of this generation. ‘Ami To Bhalana, Bhala Loiyai Thaiko’ is a song that changed the course of her musical career.

By singing this song, Bindu Kona became popular overnight in the country and abroad.

Since then, her engagement in stage shows has increased a lot.

Bindu Kona was out of the country for more than five months, that is, she was in USA for five months waiting for a green card. While there, she rendered songs in 28 stage shows in five months. For more than five months, she was with her husband Ibrar Tipu
and daughter.

Bindu Kona returned to the country on December 10 of last year immediately after receiving the green card.

After returning home on December 12, she performed music in a show at RAOWA Club in Dhaka. And her first show of the New Year was January 16. Bindu Kona said that her schedule is locked for the stage shows on February 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 21 and 27.
On the Valentine’s Day, she will perform music at a function in Savar.

Meanwhile, Bindu Kona has almost finished the work of 10 songs written by a new lyricist for Boishakhi TV. She said that these songs will be released one by one in the future.


However, at the beginning of next month, a song titled ‘Bondhu’ written by Sohel Arman and composed by Ibrar Tipu will be released in Bindu Kona’s voice. Also another song written by Sohel Arman is in the works.

While talking about her plans for the future Bindu Kona told this correspondent, “There are no new songs on my YouTube channel for a long time. So, I will release some cover songs soon to activate the channel.

After that I will release several more completed original songs including the song ‘Bondhu’. To tell the truth, I was out of the country for the needs of life.

But the mind was in the country. Every moment I thought only that, when will I return home. After stepping on the soil of the country, I took a deep breath.

I deeply felt that I cherish the country, its soil and people so much without knowing it. By the infinite mercy of Allah, I am able to sing with the love of the audience, so that I can continue this trend in the future – for this, I want to pray to everyone.”

Meanwhile, during her childhood, Bindu Kona took one and a half years of classical music training from Ustad Abul Kalam Azad. Her father MA Mannan is working in Bangladesh Police.