Updated: BNP announces ‘non-cooperation movement’ against govt from today

UNB, Dhaka :

BNP has announced a “non-cooperation movement” against the government starting today (Wednesday), urging the voters to boycott the lopsided national election slated for January 7, 2024.

During a virtual press briefing on Wednesday, BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said that their party’s Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman announced the movement.

The non-cooperation movement includes stopping any cooperation with the government by people from all walks of life, the administration and government officers and employees, abstaining from election duties by the officials and employees related to the election and boycotting the January 7 polls

It also includes not going to the polling stations, not providing the government with any taxes, and considering whether depositing money in banks is secure or not and not by people and not appearing before the courts in ‘false’ and ‘fictitious’ cases by BNP and other opposition leaders and activists from now on.

Rizvi said BNP, on behalf of all the opposition parties who have long been in a movement, has announced the fresh movement as part of their move to establish people’s rights and establish a pro-people government through a credible election.

“There is no alternative to starting all kinds of non-cooperation with the illegal government of fascist Hasina from today for the sake of establishing the rights of every citizen. We call upon the government officials at all levels, including that of administration, and patriotic people not to cooperate with this illegitimate government,” the BNP leader said.

Describing the January 7 polls as a dummy election, he urged the people not to be part of it. “Boycott the dummy election on January 7 and don’t participate in the game of monkey on January 7 in the name of a dummy election. None of you go to the polling station…that is your democratic right.”

Rizvi alleged that the list of those who will be announced by the Election Commission as MPs on January 7 has already been prepared. “So, the officials and employees involved in voting process on the January-7 dummy election should refrain from performing their duties.”

As part of not cooperating with the current government, he called upon people to stop paying all taxes and utility and service bills.


Stating that Banks are one of the means of plundering public money by the current regime, the BNP leader called upon people to consider whether it is safe to deposit money in banks.

He also instructed the lakhs of leaders and activists of BNP and other opposition parties to refrain from appearing in courts from today in false and ghost cases since the ‘fascist’ government has snatched the freedom of the courts to ensure justice.

“It is the final time to establish a government of the working people through this non-cooperation movement by resisting the present fascist Hasina’s mafia government, which has been working against the interests of the common people,” Rizvi said.

He urged people from all walks of life to start non-cooperation with the current illegal government and encourage others to do so rising above their identities of party, religion, opinion and caste and creed to make the movement a success.

“By winning this movement, a free, fair, impartial and participatory election will be held in the country, keeping the fascist Hasina out of state power,” the BNP leader said.

He assured that government officials and employees and the patriotic people who will be affected by non-cooperating with the government will be given proper compensation when the next democratic government is formed.

BNP along with nearly three dozen opposition political parties have been carrying out a simultaneous movement since December 10 last year to force the current government to quit and hold the 12th parliamentary election under a non-party neutral administration.

BNP’s movement lost its momentum following clashes with law enforcers centring the party’s grand rally on October 28 as many senior leaders, including its secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, were arrested while many others went into hiding in the face of a crackdown by the law enforcers.

However, BNP and like-mined parties enforced countrywide blockades for 22 days in 11 phases and hartals for five days in four spells since October 29. Finally, the opposition party now came up with the call for a non-cooperation movement.