Jan 7 election: BNP slams Russian envoy’s remarks


Staff Reporter :
The main opposition party-BNP on Friday called upon Russia to show due honour to sacrifices of Bangladeshi people’s democratic struggles.

Responding to Russian Ambassador to Bangladesh Alexander Mantytskiy’ recent comments on the 12th parliamentary election, the BNP said that is unexpected.

The BNP said that it thinks it has hurt the democratic sentiment of the people of Bangladesh.

In a statement, signed by BNP Senior Joint-Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, the party called upon Russia to show due respect to the aspirations and democratic values of the Bangladeshi people.

“We have noticed that Russian Ambassador Alexander Mantitsky described BNP’s statement on Russia’s role in Bangladesh’s 12th parliamentary election as false and misleading. He also claimed that the people of Bangladesh elected the (Awami League) government as 41.8 percent voter cast their votes in the election and most of them voted for the Awami League,” said the statement.

“We would like to say his (Ambassador’s) unwarranted, unacceptable and pro-Awami statement has hurt the democratic sentiment of the people of Bangladesh,” the BNP’s statement read.

The statement said also that all Bangladeshi citizens who are not involved in the politics of Awami League have lost their rights and freedom, and become subjugated in their own country.

“It is clear that the people from all walks of life have been subjected to discrimination, injustice and oppression due to the corruption, misrule and criminal activities perpetrated over the last 15 years by the anti-people Awami League regime,” it said.


The statement said the aspirations of the people of Bangladesh and the democratic world are the same.

“The common goal is to ensure democracy, good governance, human rights and prosperity through an elected and accountable government in Bangladesh,” it said.

“The independence-loving people of Bangladesh expect that Russia, India, China, or any other country will not unduly support the misrule of the anti-people and fascist Sheikh Hasina government by standing against the strong will of the common people of the country,” it reads.

The party recalled the long-standing cordial relations between Bangladesh and Russia, saying “BNP believes that long-term diplomatic success lies in building bridges of friendship between the peoples of the two countries. That’s why the BNP urges Russia to show respect to the aspirations and interests of the people of Bangladesh, including their democratic values, determination for independence and great sacrifices on the democratic struggle.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Russian Ambassador to Bangladesh Alexander Mantytsky said the BNP’s allegation regarding the role of Russia in forming the new government of Awami League was ‘misleading or false’.

Talking to reporters after a call on Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud, the Russian envoy also said the 41.8pc people have voted in the January7 polls.

But the BNP said, the one-sided election on January 7 was not free, fair and impartial, holding a new and meaningful election is now a mass demand of the people of Bangladesh.