Bubly and Nirab will celebrate Eid with movie ‘Casino’


Entertainment Report :
The shooting of Saikat Nasir’s movie titled ‘Casino’ started before Corona pandemic. After a long wait,
the movie is releasing in theaters this Eid. The movie stars Nirab Hossain and Shobnom Bubly.
While talking about releasing the movie, Nirab told this correspondent, “Casino’ is a big budget movie. Those who leave the hall after watching the movie will ask themselves what they watched it! Will want to watch the movie a second time?”
Many movies are being released on the occasion of Eid. When asked whether he is feeling any pressure with his movie, Nirab said, “I don’t mind the release of my movie with Shakib Bhai’s movie. I have a movie releasing with a superstar like him, it’s interesting. Shakib Khan’s movies don’t need to be released. However, it has been decided to release on Eid because ‘Casino’ has the merit of fighting with other Eid movies.”
Bubly shared her feelings by this way, “Just by hearing the name, anybody can understand what the movie is about. Fighting and action thriller based movie is ‘Casino’. Although the production of the movie ‘Casino’ was during Corona pandemic period, but its story and production is contemporary. All the movies that will come on Eid will run at their own pace, ‘Casino’ is no exception. Let there be healthy competition, we don’t want any sick competition. This is our industry; we are each other’s collaborators. Not all movies will be number one. But audience should go and watch every movie in the cinema halls.”
Apart from Shakib Khan, Bubly acted with another hero for the first time with ‘Casino’. Giving that experience, she told this correspondent, “I have acted with Shakib Khan in many movies since the beginning of my career. Working with Nirab for the first time outside of that team. All in all, this team had a family atmosphere, so I joined. And I have very good chemistry with Nirva. Although it is not a romantic movie, it is an action-thriller based movie. But there are also romantic scenes. Overall work experience was very good.”
Like last time, Bubly is bringing two movies this Eid. This is the first time that Bubly has no film with Shakib Khan on any Eid.
When asked whether she will miss Shakib Khan on Eid, Bubly said, “To be honest, there will be the matter of missing Shakib Khan. He is my first hero. Besides, my movie with him is released every Eid. But you have to work with everyone from a professional point of view. However, ‘Missing’ matter has decreased because we are going to the cinema along with her this Eid.”
Apart from Nirab and Bubly, there are also Taskin Rahman, Don, Dilruba Doyel, Nipa Ahmed Reali, etc in the movie ‘Casino’.