Charge sheet filed against singer Ritu Raj for drunken vandalism


Entertainment Report :
A charge sheet has been filed again singer Ritu Raj, known for his song, ‘Bulbuli’ with Coke Studio Bangla. Two months ago, the artiste was arrested in a drunken state by the police. It was at that time that the police would file a case against him under the Narcotics Act. The case was filed at the Gulshan police station.

Upon investigating the case, the police have now decided to file a charge sheet against him in the Dhaka Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court. The news was confirmed
yesterday by Jalal Uddin, Police Sub-Inspector, Court General Registration Branch Officer, Gulshan Police Station. According to Jalal Uddin, the charge sheet was submitted on June 12 by Md Eskandar Ali Sardar, Deputy Inspector of Gulshan Police Station and the investigating officer on the case. According to reports, on April 17, Mahmudur Rahman, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Finance was taken to Gulshan by his driver. The driver then parked the car on the side of
the main road, in front of Rupayan Tower. At that time, Ritu Raj approached the car while drunk, stopped in front of it and demanded that it move. Growing impatient with the lack of cooperation, he grew
frustrated. The reports further alleged that Ritu Raj vandalised the government vehicle, damaging the left side mirror, left headlight cover and the flag stand. Ritu Raj also allegedly made an attempt to assault the driver with the flag stand, but failed. After failing to hit the driver with the flag stand, Ritu Raj proceeded to physically attack the driver, resulting in injuries. He also stole Tk3,250 from the driver.