CID discovers ex-MP’s brothers involved in narcotics trade


City Desk :
During an inquiry into illicit earnings from drug trafficking, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) uncovered the involvement of Aminur Rahman and Abdur Sukkur, siblings of former Teknaf MP Abdur Rahman Bodi.

CID Director Mohammad Ali Mia revealed this information during a press briefing at the CID headquarters on Wednesday afternoon, reports media.

He said: “While probing the money laundering aspect of the drug case, we identified the participation of Abdur Rahman Bodi’s siblings, Aminur Rahman and Abdur Sukkur.

Presently, we have pinpointed 6.9 acres of unlawfully acquired assets belonging to their family, with further investigations ongoing to locate additional properties. The investigation is ongoing.”


“Even if evidence against Bodi is uncovered, there will be no leniency,” he added.

Responding to a question, the CID director affirmed that all major figures in the narcotics trade will be apprehended in due course.

Those found to possess illicit assets and finances derived from drug trafficking will have their unlawful proceeds seized by the government through legal means.