CNG filling stations witness extreme gas crisis in Sylhet


Sylhet Bureau :

The gas crisis has hit CNG filling stations in Sylhet, where vehicles are to wait in long queues for hours due to lack of gas supply
Thousands of CNG autorickshaw drivers are in trouble.
Basically, this situation has arisen because the gas allocated for one month at the filling station has been sold before the specified time.
It is known that many filling stations have been closed due to the end of gas reserves. As a result, passengers have to stand in queues for several hours at various filling stations, including cities, and suffer.
At some stations in the city, hundreds of autorickshaw drivers are seen standing in line. Disappointment on their faces when the gas supply was announced.
A long queue of vehicles was seen at Dibaratri CNG filling station in Chandipul area of Sylhet-Dhaka road around 11.00 am on wednesday. At that time, many vehicles were parked on the road outside the filling station. Due to this, there was a traffic jam on the road.
Central General Secretary of Petrol Pump Owners Association Zubair Ahmad Chowdhury said the gas supply to CNG filling stations did not increase in last 15 years from 2007.
Due to this, most of the filling stations ended their load on the 22nd or 23rd day of a month. About 80 percent of CNG filling stations in Sylhet are facing closure due to lack of supply.
Zubair Ahmad also said that there are 36 CNG filling stations in Sylhet division. 5 filling stations on Sylhet-Sunamganj road have already been closed due to lack of supply.