Coke Studio Bangla Season 3 kicks off


Entertainment Desk :
Coke Studio Bangla has kicked off Season 3 with the release of its
first song titled ‘Tati’ showcasing
a rich blend of musical talent
and cultural heritage.
The song ‘Tati’ pays homage to the traditional artistry of Jamdani and the power of weaving and
storytelling, said a press release.
In the rhythmic clanking of wooden looms, the rich tapestry of culture found expression through music in ‘Tati’. This unique blend of talents celebrates the untold artistry of
fashion, merging rhythmic symphonies with Afrobeats curated by Nigerian musician Oli Boy, whose heart is woven from two lands.
Led by renowned artist Shayan Chowdhury Arnob, the Coke
Studio production brings
together an impressive ensemble of vocalists and musicians.
Together, their voices create a harmonious melody where the real magic of Bangla heritage resonates, forever adorning the world with
its timeless charm and beauty. This fusion of music and tradition embodies a celebration of Bangladeshi culture, uniting storytelling, craftsmanship, and
creativity in a harmonious fusion that celebrates the essence
of Bangladeshi music.
The composition of the song ‘Tati’ intertwines traditional melodies with modern influences, featuring a diverse lineup of vocalists including Md Gonjer Ali, Oli Boy, Md Ariful Haque, Jannatul Ferdous Akbar, Sheikh Mumtahina Mehzabin, Baby Akter, Karishma Sanu Shovvota, Shanta Islam, Nishat Ara Khaled, Md Makhon Miah and Jaya Ahsan.
The song’s narrative is deeply rooted in the cultural significance of Jamdani weaving, an ancient craft that encapsulates centuries
of Bangla tradition.
Supported by a talented sound squad and creative agency Dotbirth Ltd, the production of Coke Studio Bangla Season 3 promises to
showcase the ‘RealMagic’ of Bangla heritage through a captivating blend of music and storytelling.
With a focus on preserving and celebrating Bangladeshi culture, Coke Studio Bangla Season 3 sets the stage for a series of captivating performances that bridge the
gap between tradition and
contemporary music.