Copying in exam hall to end soon


Campus Desk :
There are so many irritations to prevent cheating in examination halls. The education minister runs a lot to stop the counterfeiters in examination halls.
Maybe the end of counterfeiters will come soon. The small Drone named “Octocopter” is enough to make counterfeiters forget to sleep.
Thomas More School in Michelin City of Belgium has recently completed a round examination with Octocopter. It can be called more like “Examination of examinations”. A miniature DJI Phantom aircraft, equipped with a GoPro video camera, hovering over students’ heads.
The drone had a special video camera added into it. The drone has left hot breaths on the neck of the students in whole time of examination. Only a small number of exam controllers guard the hall.
After watching all these inventors of Octocopter and the teachers satisfied excessively. The end of counterfeiters will come soon, they hope. The Octocopter will be available within five years for online shopping at “Amazon Website”. So, beware of copying!