Cumilla couple’s torture video goes ‘viral’

News Desk :
Police are investigating a viral video that showed a man and a woman being stripped and assaulted at a room in Cumilla’s Daudkandi Upazila.

The 3:08-minute video came to the attention of district police on Thursday after it spread on Facebook, Mozammel Haque, the chief of Daudkandi Model Police Station, told the media, reports

The video shows a man and a woman struggling against several other people in a room. A man in a red T-shirt can be seen trying to protect the woman in the middle of the struggle.

The woman was then thrown onto a bed laid on the floor and surrounded. The man in the red shirt and the woman were then stripped.

“After an initial investigation, we learned that this viral video was from March last year and was taken in the Gouripur area. The video came to our attention when it went viral on social media a couple of days ago,” OC Mozzamel said.

“However, not much more came to light in the initial investigation. If the victims are found, the cause of the incident and the perpetrators will be identified in detail.”


“Regardless of when the video was made, such a despicable incident cannot be tolerated in any way. Those involved will be brought to justice. We are working to identify the victims.”

From their initial investigation, police believe that the victims were a husband and wife renting a room and their attackers had detained them on suspicion of being lovers and were blackmailing them for money. The two were tortured because they could not pay.

“We are ‘close to’ identifying those involved,” said Md Abdul Mannan, the superintendent of Cumilla police.

“But we have not found the victims. We have learned from reliable sources that the male victim is currently living abroad.

He refuses to talk about it. We have yet to confirm whether the victims are a husband and wife.”
The incident is being taken ‘seriously’, he said.
“Multiple teams are working on it. Legal action will be taken against the accused persons soon.”