Dighi’s lost money from bkash recovered


Staff reporter :
Actress Prarthana Fardin Dighi became a victim to fraud bkash officials and lost one lakh sixty two thousand taka from her own bkash account. However, the Dhaka Metropolitan Intelligences Branch Police (DB) recovered the money and returned the amount to her.

The actress went to the detective police office at Minto Road in Dhaka on Monday and received the recovered money from DMP Additional Commissioner (Detective) Mohammad Harun-or -Rashid.

Additional Commissioner Harun said that on Saturday Dighi received a phone call from an unknown number.

The person claimed to be an employee of the bkash office. The scammers asked Dighi for an OTP number in the name of fixing the information about Bikash’s account being blocked, and the actress gave it to him in a good faith.

Shortly after that when Dighi checked the balance of her Bkash’s account, she found that one lakh sixty two thousand taka had been disappeared from her account.


Later, she complained it to Sher-e-bangla Nagar police station and DB.

As per the statement police arrested two fraudsters from Mirpur area. The stolen money was recovered.

DB Harun also said that the active members of the fraud gang use fake registered SIMs to accomplish their goal.

With the help of those SIMs they make phone calls to the targeted person using various identities to gain his trust.