Director’s Guild remembers its five late members


Entertainment Report :
The Director’s Guild Bangladesh is the largest association of television drama directors.
In their organisation, a meeting and doa mahfil were held at the office of Guild in Niketan in the capital on May 22 in memory of the five members who passed away recently.
The deceased members are – Tareq Mahmud, Mohammad Noman, Aslam Shihir, Sharif Sarkar and Tarek Khan.
The Director’s Guild Bangladesh President Ananta Hira presided over the commemoration meeting and the executive members of the Guild, late Tareq Mahmud’s brother Sultan Mahmud, late Mohammad Noman’s wife Daisy Yasmin, late Aslam Shihir’s wife Farzana Afrin, late Sharif Sarkar’s brother Helal Uddin, late Tarek Khan’s cousin Emon Khan, Cameraman Association’s General Secretary Niaz Mahbub, Shooting House Association’s General Secretary Ripon Khan,
among others, were present.
SM Kamruzzaman Sagor, General Secretary of the Director’s Guild Bangladesh, conducted the meeting.
Speakers at the memorial service commemorated the deceased and said, “Those who are gone will live on in works. They may have left many wishes of life unfulfilled
but have won everyone’s hearts.”
They also said, “Late directors have left their working lives before us. They are fleeting but will remain in the memory.”
Before the memorial meeting, a Milad Mahfil was held in memory of the deceased.