Readers’ Voice: Disadvantages of using mobile in the toilet


Due to various reasons in our daily life, we carry mobile more than necessary, which can be very harmful to our physical and mental health.

However, in daily life, many people are too addicted to mobile phones, so they take mobile phones to the toilet as well.

There are numerous disadvantages to using a mobile in the toilet.

These include eye problems, bacterial infections, overtime consumption, bad addictions, etc.

Toilets are usually dimly lit due to which the UV rays of the mobiles can damage our eyes if we use mobile phones in the toilets. Toilets are also a popular breeding ground for bacteria.


Due to the use of mobile phones in the toilet, deadly viruses and bacteria can spread on mobile phones. After which bad diseases can be spread through the phone.

Also, extra time can be spent by using a mobile in the toilet. If you sit on the toilet more than necessary, it can cause bad diseases like hemorrhoids, gouges, and piles. Diseases for which there is no permanent cure yet.

So everyone should completely refrain from using mobile in a toilet for health awareness including avoiding all kinds of harmful aspects and diseases.

Author: Md. Minhazur Rahman Mahim
Student, Department of Biomedical Engineering,
Islamic University, Kushtia.
Mobile: 01631577649
E-mail: [email protected]