World urges ‘de-escalation’: Drones shot down over Iran


Al Jazeera :
Iran fired air defence batteries to shoot down three drones over the central city of Isfahan, according to state media reports, after officials in the United States told US broadcasters that Israel carried out military operations against Iran.

Explosions were reported on Friday in the sky over the cities of Isfahan and Tabriz, but the Iranian government has downplayed the incident.

There has been no official comment from Israel. Several countries have called for “de-escalation”.

Here are some reactions:
Oman A Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson said Oman “condemns the Israeli attack this morning on Isfahan in the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

It also “condemns and denounces Israel’s repeated military attacks in the region”, the statement said.

The Gulf country has long mediated between Iran and Western countries.

Egypt The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Egypt was “deeply concerned” about an escalation of hostilities between Israel and Iran.


Egypt also warned of the consequences of expanding the conflict and instability in the region.

Turkey The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on all sides to refrain from steps that could lead to a wider conflict in the Middle East.

It said in a statement that priority of the international community should be “to stop the massacre in Gaza and to ensure lasting peace” in the region by establishing a Palestinian state.

“It is becoming increasingly evident that the tensions that were initially caused by Israel’s illegal attack on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus risk turning into a permanent conflict,” it added.

Jordan Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said Israeli-Iranian retaliations must end, warning against the danger of regional escalation.