DRS to be used in BPL


Agency :
Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) to introduce a Decision Review System (DRS) in the upcoming edition of Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), starting on January 19.

BCB was under heavy scrutiny for organizing matches without DRS on several occasions. However, the franchise-based tournament will be the service this time.

BCB match referee Rakibul Hasan stated Hawkeye technology will also be added to it. As a result, the number of wrong umpiring decisions is expected to decrease significantly.

Earlier, BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury said that they have signed an agreement with the organization providing DRS services till 2027.


“We are going for the long term. We have entered into a long-term agreement with those who directly provide the DRS service, till 2027.

International and domestic cricket (BPL) in Bangladesh will always have DRS from now on,” said Nizamuddin.

The last editions of BPL had ADRS facilities however there was no ultra-edge technology.

The 9th season of BPL will get underway with Comilla Victorians taking on Duronto Dhaka in the tournament opener.