EBIN related applications should be sent to concerned commissioner: NBR

Economic Reporter :
The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has directed its field officials, to send the applications filed by the businesses for getting the 13-digit VAT registration or Electronic Business Identification Number (E-BIN) to the concerned commissioner to dispose those speedily.
The NBR issued a directive to its field officials last week in this regard.
The revenue board has recently observed that a big portion of such applications from the businessmen are not going to the concerned Commissionarate, rather going to different Commissionarates.
NBR Member (VAT implementation and IT) M Jamal Hossain said the board quite often observes that a major chunk of the VAT registration applications are not going to the concerned Commissionarate, rather to different Commissionarates and the applicants are committing such errors, which linger their wait to get such registration.
“Despite such errors from the applicants, we’ve asked the field-level officials to send these applications to the office of the concerned commissioner so that the businessmen get their VAT registration within a limited time,” he said.