Elina Shammi also in Eid movie ‘Priyotoma’


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
In the meantime, a different atmosphere has been created in the minds of the audience of Bangladesh around the movie ‘Priyotoma’ produced by Arshad Adnan and directed by Himel Ashraf. The story of this movie was written by Faruk Hossain. Shakib Khan played the central role in the story of the movie. And opposite to him is Kolkata actress Idhika Paul as ‘Priyotoma’. Elina Shammi also played an important role among other characters in the movie.
Elina Shammi was once very busy in presentation and she was also busy as a dramatist. And now she has become more focused on acting in movies.
Elina Shammi is also very excited about the movie ‘Priyotoma’ because this is the first time she got the opportunity to share the screen with superstar Shakib Khan. Acting in Shakib Khan’s movies seems to be a different kind of feeling for artistes.
Elina Shammi told this correspondent, “Undoubtedly, Shakib Khan (brother) is a big superstar of Bangladesh. He has gained fame with his acting in the international arena, also welcomed Bangladesh. He is still the biggest actor in the cinema, whose movie owners are looking forward to the release. Being able to work with that superstar is really a different kind of fun and experience. My sincere thanks to the director of the movie Himel Ashraf and the entire unit because they have brought in experts in every sector so that the output is good. Meanwhile, the song of the movie, ‘Qurbani Qurbani’ has created a festive atmosphere all over the country. Therefore, it is expected that the movie ‘Priyotoma’ will become popular in the whole country from the day of Eid. The audience will be requested to watch the movie because ‘Priyotoma’ is such a movie that we will find our own life in the small stories of the movie.”
Meanwhile, Elina Shammi said that coming Eid, the world premiere of the movie titled ‘Kagoj,’ directed by Ali Zulfikar Zahedi, will be on Deepto TV.
However, Elina Shammi also said that she has not acted in any TV drama based on the upcoming Eid.