Emma Corrin: From Lady Diana to detective Darby


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In a departure from her acclaimed portrayal of Lady Diana Spencer on ‘The Crown’, Emma Corrin takes on the role of Darby Hart, an amateur detective in the limited series ‘A Murder at the End of the World’.

Co-created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, the show follows Darby’s quest to unravel the mystery surrounding her former lover’s death at an exclusive Icelandic retreat.

The series, told through a dual narrative, weaves flashbacks set in Utah to showcase Darby’s unconventional investigative skills.

The character originated from a cold case subreddit, and the plot unfolds as Darby and her partner, Bill Farah (played by Harris Dickinson), delve into true crime, eventually embarking on a road trip in pursuit of a serial killer.

Emma Corrin discusses the unique challenge of reinventing the detective archetype, stating, “To reinvent that character, what a cool thing to do.

It’s a character we know so well.

We’re surrounded by these male detectives who solve murders in a very typical way.

It doesn’t matter how many times that story is redone; it’s always a similar person at its centre,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Despite the character’s evolution, Corrin emphasises the absence of Darby’s desire for reinvention, aligning with the character’s intrinsic nature.

As the series concludes, the fate of Darby remains uncertain, but Corrin expresses her eagerness to reprise the role, saying, “I would always love to play Darby again.

She’s the most intriguing character to play, and I grew so much as an actor.”

Exploring Darby’s back-story, the narrative reveals her upbringing in Iowa by a single father who worked in a coroner’s office.

The absence of her mother and her immersion in the true crime culture of the time contribute to Darby’s relentless drive to solve murders and cold cases.

Emma Corrin explains, “A lot of her drive does not want to leave anyone behind, and that suggests that she might’ve felt that way at some point in her life.”

As ‘A Murder at the End of the World’ concludes, Corrin’s future with the character remains uncertain, but her enthusiasm for reprising the role highlights the impact of this unique investigative thriller.

Meanwhile, the actress is currently involved in shooting ‘Deadpool 3’ after the conclusion of the 118-day SAG-AFTRA strike.