Readers’ Voice: Enhancing awareness of explosive substance usage


To tackle the risk of earthquakes, Bangladesh now needs to deal with the ‘explosion problem.’ Several incidents of explosions in the past have raised our awareness.

In a developing country, factories play a major role in development.

And for operating these factories, our use of gas cylinders, combustion power, various gases, and chemicals is crucial.

To prevent explosions, the use of these things cannot be completely eliminated. So, we must use these things consciously, ensuring that no one is harmed by them. Explosions generally occur from gas substances.

In this case, corrosive chemicals play a role as a medium. So, to prevent explosions, we must first focus on gas substances and chemicals.

By using these items consciously, the possibility of explosion incidents can be reduced.

We usually think that the increasing use of liquefied petroleum gas is causing the explosion problem to escalate.

However, according to experts, direct explosions do not occur from cylinder gas used for cooking. Rather, the probability of explosions increases due to improper handling, storage, and prolonged use of these cylinders.

During cylinder refurbishment, gas leakage occurs due to faulty valves, regulators, and weak hoses, leading to gas accumulation. Even a slight touch of fire on such accumulated gas can cause an explosion.


According to a report, 5-10% of explosions occur due to substandard cylinders. Investigating several cylinder explosion incidents, the Deputy Director of the fire service, Debashish Bardhan, stated that unconsciousness in the use of cylinder gas has led to these explosions.

Notable issues include defective valves and regulators, as well as the use of low-quality hoses.

A cylinder typically has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. After processing for 10 or 15 years, safety caps, regulators, hoses, and rubber rings of these cylinders become oxygenated.

Therefore, before purchasing a cylinder, we must ensure the seal on the cylinder’s neck.

Despite many recent incidents of fire accidents, we do not have any particular focus on this issue. That’s why fires keep occurring repeatedly. Many people are losing their lives.

However, if this continues, Bangladesh will eventually come to an end. So, we need to be more aware.

Strict surveillance measures need to be taken in the areas of restaurants and warehouses.

Farhana Afser Moury
Student, Department of Geology and Mining, University of Barishal.
[email protected]